Admission Policies and Study

The special requirements for the admission to the DEEE are summarized in the following points:

  1. To comply with the University of Khartoum general conditions for admission,
  2. Students must have a pass at Secondary School Certificate or itís equivalent,
  3. To pass in seven subjects of that the percentage of admission is calculated, which should include the following subjects: Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Arabic, English, Religious studies, and Engineering studies or Computer Science.
  4. To pass an interview conducted by the DEEE.

Study Period and Training

Five years (ten semesters). Each academic year consists of two semesters each. The duration of each semester is about 17 weeks, including the examinations. Student should attend two training sessions during his/her study period, that is:

  1. Basic Training after the first year
  2. Industrial training after the fourth year