EM1102 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I


The course provides various mathematical concepts and analysis methods in calculus, and analytical geometry in the engineering context.



Credit Hours:


Contact Hours:

45 hours of Lectures
15 hours of Assignments/Tutorials

Course Marks

70%  Final Exam
30% Course Work

Text & References

-       George B Thomas, Ross L Finney, “ Calculus and Analytic Geometry”, Wesley

      Kreyszig, "Advanced Engineering Mathematics", JohnWiley & Sons, 8th Edition, 1999.

-       K. A. Stroud, "Engineering Mathematics", ELBS, 4th Edition, 1995.

-       K. A. Stroud, "Further Engineering Mathematics", ELBS, 3rd edition, 1996.


Numbers, intervals, functions, limits exponential, Logarithmic and hyperbolic functions, derivatives, geometrical and physical applications of derivatives. Integration, techniques of evaluating indefinite integration, definite integration, and application: areas, volumes, etc. Role theorem, mean value theorem, Taylor’s theorem. Differentiating of vectors, scalar and vector point functions, del operator, gradient, divergence and curl, line integral: circulation and work, surface integral; flux, Green’s theorem, Stock's theorem, volume integral, Divergence theorem. Axes, translation and rotation of axes, polar coordinates, conic section: parabola, ellipse and hyperbola and their properties


Limit and continuity
Applications of Derivatives
Applications of Integration
Transcendental Functions
Techniques of integration
Infinite series