About the Chemical Engineering Departments

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Khartoum is the oldest Department of Chemical Engineering in the Country and the Region.  Chemical Engineering is a disciplined that concerns with the conversion of material from one form to another useful form (value added) taking into account the environmental and economical consideration. For example converting crude oil into LPG, Gasoline, Diesel, Butmen and Lube Oil, sugar cane into sugar, vegetable seeds into edible oil, limestone and clay into cement, etc... The graduates are employed as process engineers by a wide spectrum of industries such as petroleum refinery, petrochemical, sugar, cement, food and pharmaceutical industries to mention a few. Chemical engineers also work as safety and environmental engineers and researchers.

Our Department offers a  BSc program, two Diploma/MSc programs (chemical engineering  and Industry and Environment) and a higher Diploma program in sugar technology. The Department offers a PhD program as well. The objective of our Department is to provide a high quality education that meets the local and international market standards. Besides the academic knowledge, ethics and professional are emphasized in our educational system.