Faculty Board

Prof. Sami Mohamed sharif

Dean, Chariman

Dr.Mohamed Ahmed A. Siraj

Deputy Dean 

Dr.Akood Mohamed Osman

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Prof. Dafalla Abdalla Altrabi

Departmment of Civil Engineering

Prof. Alnima Ibrahim Alnima

Department of Civil Engineering 

Prof. Kamal Naser Eldin Abdalla

Department of Mechnical Engineering

Prof. Abdin Mohamed Ali Salih

Department of Civil Engineering

Prof. Abdelmalik Abdelrahman

Department of Engineering Mathematics

Prof, Abubakr Abdewahab

Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Ali Abdelrahman Rabah

Head of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Abdelrahman Ali karara 

Head of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Babiker Ibrahim barsi

Head of Civil Engineering

Dr. Ahmed Abood

Head of mining engineering

Dr. Jar Alnaby Ibrahim Mohamed

Head of Surveying Engineering Department

Dr. Ali soury

Chief of the Division of Fluid Mechanics

Dr. Elhaj Adam Yousif

Head of Agricultural Engineering Department

Dr. Mannar Elshief

School of Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Affaf Gies Abbady

Head of Engineering Mathematics

Mohamed bahr Aldin Abdalla

Undersecretary Ministry of Irrigation

Dr. Mohamed Mussadag Elawad

Head of engineering mechanical threshers

Dr. Iman Abuelmaaly

Director, Administration of Information and Networking

Ust. Um Asol Norien

Faculty Registered

Dr. Hassan Bashier Nimer

Had of petroleum engineering

Dr. Salah Ahmed Abdalla

Head of Thermal Engineering

Dr. Mudawie Ibrahim Adam

Head of the Division of Design

Dr. Tahani Abdalla attia

Head of the Division of Communications and Systems

Ust. Husien Salim Ayoub

First year Coordinator

Ust. Awad Algeed Mohamed Awad algeed

Second Year coordinator

Dr. Sumia AbuKhaswa

Dean of Faculty of Science

Director of University Requiremnt Administration

Director of Sudan Railways