Industrial Relations and Alumni (Technopole)

The aim of the Unit of Industrial Relations and Alumni at the Faculty of Engineering is to contribute effectively to the development of the Faculty,  through smart partnership and effective cooperation between the college and industrial sectors, the community and the graduates.

Unit is working to develop relationships and strong links with industrial sectors and graduates in the country by achieving the following objectives:

1.       Encourage faculty members to carry out applied and direct research faculty to solve the problems the country's industrial sectors.

2.       Work to increase opportunities for graduates of the Faculty of Engineering in getting jobs in companies and local and international institutions.

3.       Provide consultancy services to industry sectors in the country.

4.       Communicate with graduates of the Faculty of Engineering and to develop strong relationships and constructive with them

5.       Provide opportunities for training students in the industrial sectors to increase the awareness of students accepted ethics and training to resolve the real problems of concern to the industrial sectors.