Information Technology and Networks

The aim of the Information Technology and Network Unit is to contribute actively to the development of the Faculty, and to support its orientations towards refining and developing its education, through the promotion of excellence in teaching and learning and other academic activities.

The objectives of the unit are as follows:

1.      Computerization of administrative and financial activities at the Faculty.

2.       Management of the Faculty of Education Web site.

3.      Support the educational process and scientific research in the Faculty, through the provision of e-learning training liabilities to the staff members and students.

4.      Publishing research output and provide opportunities for staff members to identify their interests, research and publications..

5.      Supervision and management the information technology and network infrastructure at the Faculty.

6.      Supervision and management of the Faculty databases.

7.      Provide technical support for the Faculty staff and students with regard to computer and network and infrastructure.