About The Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture shares relations with most of the Faculties of Engineering inside the Sudan, whereby many members of the teaching staff undertake teaching and supervision for the students of the Faculties of Engineering in other universities. Some members of the teaching staff are on secondment to some of the Faculties of Engineering in the Arab world and some others spend their sabbatical leaves at similar faculties in the Arab world, Europe and United States. 

The Departments of the Faculty organize seminars and training programmes where Engineering courses appropriate to the specializations of the different ministries are taught. For example, the Water Recourses Seminar for the Ministry of Engineering Affairs and the Structural Design Seminar for the engineers of the same ministry, organized by the Department of Civil Engineering. There are seminars and progrannes offered by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering for the engineers and technicians of the Sudan Telecommunication Company (Sudatel), the National Electricity Corporation and the National Television Corporation. The Department of Mechanical Engineering organizes training sessions in the fields of Machines and Production for Engineers in Governmental ministries and departments.