Dr. Kamal Ramdan

A) Personal Information

Mobile : +249911300577

Fax:  00249183771516  

E-mail: kamalramadan@hotmail.com 

B) Education and Qualification

  1. Ph. D. in Electrical engineering University of Khartoum 2004,
  2. M. Sc. In Electrical Engineering University of Khartoum, 1995
  3. B.Sc. In Electrical Engineering, University of Khartoum, 1987
  4. Diploma in Military studies, Sudanese Military College, 1988 
  5. Conversion course to marine engineering, Naval Force ,Sudan,1989 

C) Fields of Interest and Research


  1. Power System Stability & Control 
  2. Electromagnetic Theory

D) Publications

 i) Thesis
  1. Transient Stability Analysis with BNG as Study Case 1994 [for Msc Degree]
  2. Stability Investigation in Power Systems With NG of the Sudan as A special Case [For PhD]
 ii)  Journal Papers
  1. A New Method for Robust Design of a Decentralized Power System Stabilizer,   Sudan Engineering Society Journal, Volume 52, 2005
  2. Implementation of Ungrounded System during the Rainy Season in the Oil Fields of Sudan Proceeding of International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection,  October 2004, Jeiu, Korea

 E) Awarded prizes

  1. NEC prize for the Best Final Year Result 1987