Dr. Mohamed Ali Hamad Abbas

(A) Personal Details

Tel: +24911784556  

E-mail: mabbas@uofk.edu  

 (B) Education and Qualification

  1. BSc Electrical Engineering, University of Khartoum, Sudan, 1973
  2. MSc Telecommunications Engineering, University of Bradford, UK, 1976
  3. PhD, Telecommunications Engineering, University of Bradford, UK, 1979

 (C) Fields of Interest and Research:  

  1. Communications Systems
  2.  Transmission Systems

(D) Publications

(i) Thesis
  1. PhD Thesis Title 'Mutual Interference Between Speech and Data Transmissions in Mobile Radio Systems', 1979, University of Bradford, UK
  2. MSc Thesis Title 'Computer Model of Transmitter Multicoupling Networks', 1976, University of Bradford, UK
(ii) Journal Papers


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(iii) Conferences  
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(iv) Books
  1. .محمد علي حمد عباس "إرسال البيانات" في الطباعة

 (E) Awarded prizes

  1. The University Prize for students with best results in Sessional Examination, 1972, 
  2. The Central Electricity & Water Corporation Prize to the Best Final Year Student in the Department of Electrical Engineering, 1973