Welcome to Surveying Engineering

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The Surveying Engineering department at the faculty of Engineering is responsible for both research and education within the broad field of Surveying Engineering topics.

The education courses are offered at the 5 years BSc level and at the 3 years intermediate diploma level.  Also, special surveying courses are offered to civil, architecture, mining, agriculture and petroleum engineering students.  Tailor fit short training courses are offered to both government and private sector departments.


The research in the dept. is focused on the methodology, development and applications of all the surveying engineering related topics i.e. remote sensing, photogrammetry, geodesy, GIS, GPS etc...


We currently have teaching staff of 13 members, including part time team lead by prof. A. E. Ali of Sudan National Surveying Authority and formed staff member of the department.


Head of the department

Gar Alnabi Ibrahim