Sizable hydrocarbon (oil and gas) discoveries have been made during the 1980s in the southern and western parts of the country and offshore the read sea. The proven reserve of these discoveries is around 3 billion barrels of oil in the filed of Unity, Hijliej, Kikang, Tomaa, Nar, Har,UM Sagora, Abu Jabra and sharif, Gas and gas condenser reserves in the Red Sea amount to more than 110 million barrels of high quality gas condensers and 2 triilion cubic feet of natural gas (2E12). Advanced exploration operations made in northern and central Sudan point to hydrocarbon resources that could maximize oil reserves by more than three folds.

With all these intensive activities on the part of the government and international companies to exploit these important resources, the Uof K on Its part has established a Department of Petroleum Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering to achieve the following objectives:

1.    Qualify and graduate competent engineering by going through complementary curricula that cover exploration operations, including geological and geophysical studies in addition to drilling and recovery operations. As for production process the Durricula cover deposit engineering, tools and equipment of production, well treatment processes to maximize production and modern techniques to increase recovery of oil and gas in addition to economy of operation.  

2.    In the field of scientific research and to complement the preparation process, the Department of petroleum Engineering focuses on developing drilling operation and maximizing recovery of hydrocarbons by utilizing accumulated international expertise in this field in addition to the research work of local and international institution.

The department started its work during the 1997/98 academic year when 10 students were admitted for the first year and another 10 for the second year. All were chosen from the students who successfully passed the faculty of engineering preparatory period. The department has tow specialized lectures (Ph D holders), two teaching assistance were sent to the University of Beijing to study for their MSC degrees and three distinguished students were sent to china to study for their BSc and M Sc in the University of Petroleum.

Premises of the department are in the second floor of the new Faculty of Engineering building, Jamaa street.