Prof. Kamal-Eldin Nasr-Eldin Abdalla

Prof. Kamal-Eldin Nasr-Eldin Abdalla

E-mail: kamalnasr(at)

Ph.D. (Mech. Eng.)  Department of Mech. Eng., Imperial College of Science and Tech., University of London., U.K. 1979. Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Thermal Power Engineering. Thesis Title: "Exhaust soot concentration from a direct injection diesel engine".
M.Sc.  (Mech. Eng.)  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College of Science & Tech., University of London, U. K 1976. Thesis Title: "Control Devices for Turbocharged Spark Ignition Engines".
B.Sc. (Eng.) (First Class Honours)  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Khartoum, Sudan. 1973.


Membership of Professional Societies: 

  • Sudan Engineering Society, Sudan (Fellow)
  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, U.S.A. (Member)
  • Sudan Engineering Council (Consultant Engineer) 

Published Papers:

  1. K.N.Abdalla,F.Mansour and E.Elsarrag,2009 “Performance study of an   HVAC counter flow cooling tower a humid climate” ASHRAE Winter Conference,CH-09-060(presented at Winter   session in Jan 2009, Chicago, USA) published in ASHRAE Transactions volume 115 Part 1 ,2009.
  2. E. Elsarrag and K.N.Abdalla,2009 “Effectiveness and performance of a solar-assisted counter flow liquid desiccant regeneration tower in a hot humid climate” ASHRAE Winter Conference,CH-09-041  (presented at Winter Session in Jan 2009,Chicago ,USA) published in ASHRAE Transactions volume 115 Part 1  ,2009.
  3. M.M.El-awad and K.N.Abdalla, 2009 “ Verification of a computer-based gas turbine power augmentation model “ Accepted for publication in Sudan Eng. Soc. Journal.
  4. M.Sid Ahmed,A.M.Abdalla and K.N.Abdalla,2008 “Development of solar/wind powered eveaporative cooling system for poultry housing”  Sudan Eng. Soc. J.,Vol 55  No. 52.
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  7. A.Abaker, A.El Maihy, A.Rashad and K.N.Abdalla, 2007 “Experimental investigation of the effect of using     diesel/methanol blends on the steady state performance of a diesel engine” 12th International Conference on Aerospace Sciences and Aviation Technology, 29-31 May 2007, MTC, Cairo, Egypt.
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Papers Presented at Conferences and Meetings: 

  1. H.B.Nimir,N.Shams Aldeen and K.N.Abdalla, “Oil and gas engineering education and research- case study : Department of Petroleum Engineering,Khartoum University” Presented at ‘SAPEG’ conference and exhibition,Khartoum 26 – 28 March,2008.
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  3. A.E. Ahmed, F.S. Sial, O.S. Aly-Hassan and K.N. Abdalla. 1986. “Date mechanization: Review and evaluation of the available machinery for date palm farming” 2nd Date palm Symp., King Faisal University (3-4 March 1986), Hofuf, Saudi Arabia. 

Other Publications:

  1. O.S. Aly-Hassan, A.E. Ahmed and K.N. Abdalla. 1986. Date Mechanization: Final Report Submitted to King Faisal University Research Council.
  2. K.N. Abdalla “Utilization of date plam leaves and fibres”King Faisal University News Bulletein, Issue No.13, Jan. 1993 (in Arabic).  
  3. S. Abdellatif, A.Alghazal. K.N. Abdalla and I.A. Ali “The effect of thermal treatment on the roots and stems of Alfa alfa crop”. A report to King Faisal University research council, 1994 (in Arabic). 
  4. A.K.Ahmed,K.N.Abdalla and Y.E.Ahmed, 2001” Suggested measures for the repairs of the support of drier at West Sennar Sugar Factory “ Final Report , Sept 2001. 
  5. K.E.Yasien and K.N. Abdalla “Development of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University of Khartoum” A financial study submitted for a loan from the Islamic Development Bank (KSA), Jan 2003. 
  6. K.N. Abdalla, A. El Rufaie, A. Maghraby and P.W. Gore “Comments on an Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Khartoum North Power Station Extension”Higher Council for Environment,Khartoum , Feb. 2004. 
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  10. K.N. Abdalla, “Principles of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” a book (in Arabic) under publication.