Design of Operating System Laboratory





Thesis Title:

Design of Operating System Laboratory.

Student Name:

Manal Elsir Elhadi Mustafa.


Dr. ElRahied Osman Khidier





Introduction to Operating System is an in-depth study of a large and critical aspect of system software. Understanding the topics covered in the class is important for any software engineer, as the issues faced by operating system designers are similar to those faced in any large software system. In addition, knowledge of Operating System abstractions is generally useful since the Operating System is a central part of any computer system, and the Operating System has significant impact on the performance and structure of programs.

Operating System is the capstone course for student Bachelor degree within the Department of Computer Engineering, The course requires the use of many skills that student have developed and refined over the last several semesters.

On this thesis laboratory manual design is intended as a general introduction to the techniques used to implement operating systems arid related kinds of systems software.

The manual contains set of experiment aims to supplement the operating systems classroom instruction by providing a more detailed and hands-on experience on the analysis and design of operating systems. To demonstrate the concepts of operating system course, case studies of operating system will be presented and a programming lab assignment will be an integral part of the course.