Performance of 16-QAM over Gaussian Channel





Thesis Title:

Khalid Hamid Bilal

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Performance of 16-QAM over Gaussian Channel


Dr. Mohamed Ali Hmad Abs





The aim of this project is to design and implement a software program to be used to calculate the performance of 16-point Quadrature Amplitude

Modulation (16-QAM) over Guassian channel. Distortion and Interference effect are not included in the simulation of the performance.

The program was developed using the visual basic language. The program went through several steps to fulfill the performance of 16-QAM .The simulation process started by accepting transmitted symbols that were generated randomly, the process went through assigning gray levels for each of the inphase and quadrature components of transmitted symbols and locating the symbols in the constellation boudary. TJ independent inphase and quadrature Guassian noise samples were generated randomly and added to the signal. Then the newly gray level was obtained. This new gray level was used to detect newly received symbols in the constellation boundary.

The newly received symbol was compared with the transmitted symbol and bit error and symbol error rates were calculated (BER & SER).

Set of results of bit error rate (BER) and symbol error rates (SER) for different levels of noise power and different gray levels was obtained. These results are shown as two- dimensional plot of (BER & SER) against signal to noise ratio (S/N).