Using AI tools for LAN Design





Thesis Title:

Using AI tools for LAN Design

Student Name:

Mohammed Galal Abdalla Ali


Sami Shareef





In the last few years, LANs (Local Area Networks) became an essential need for most kind of businesses; therefore the need of having reliable and efficient designs for LANs is an important issue.

This research focuses on creating a new approach for LAN designs aided by Neural Networks. In order to have reliable network design, we have gathered data (design parameters) from working LANs that are considered efficient, this data is then fed to the Neuro-Shell2 software for the purpose of training this software to perform the most efficient design (cabling and network topology) when entering the network requirements to it.

A case study is included in this research to demonstrate the use of Neural Networks to provide the optimum LAN design. This method of design reduces the need of LAN professional designers, but still the need of "fine tuning" is a requirement.