Power Generation at Elobied Refinery





Thesis Title:

Power Generation at Elobied Refinery

Student Name:

Mawahib Hassan Ahmed Elfawal


Mohammed Hashim Siddig





This study discusses the lack of power generation at Elobied town and it suggests solution to this problem by using the petroleum refinery, located at about 12 km north of the town.

The researcher has analyzed the information of existent power plant and the grid at the town through the gathered data from first and second sources. She has also estimated the power demand on the existent grid and its future expansions during ten years. She has also collected available data about Elobied petroleum refinery.

The researcher has presented some options through which the generation can be improved. She has presented advantages and disadvantages of every option.

The economical analysis has been applied, and the Pascal and Excel computer programs has been used to compare the data obtained after elimination of the options that have technical problems at proposed site,

Finally, the study find that the appropriate option from technical and economical aspects is use of medium speed diesel engines, which uses the crude oil as a fuel. Taking into account that the proposed power plant uses the surplus steam generated by refinery fire-tube boiler to heat the crude oil into pipeline and tanks of it. The proposed power plant will connect to the existent grid by means of transmission lines.